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My mission is to help people gain the skills and confidence needed to create change and positively impact the world.


In the summer of 2017, I sold everything I owned, left my corporate sales career and bought a one-way ticket to Toronto, Canada to become a full-time animal rights activist. Since then, I have traveled to 27 countries, given over 120 training workshops and participated in 400+ activism events.


Why I Went Vegan



I found veganism by first exploring the world of minimalism—the disciplined pursuit of a life filled with more value-added joy and less mental, physical and emotional clutter. It all started in 2012 when I realized that there were many things that were not adding value to my life. It began with minimizing my material possessions and then quickly moved to what (who) I was putting into my body. Gluten, refined sugar, alcohol—I experimented with it all. I was on a mission to give my mind, body, and soul everything they truly needed.

Then, in 2014, my best friend and I discussed the idea of removing animal products from our diets. With all the research out there, plus, the help from an incredible book called The China Study, going vegan just seemed like the right decision to make. At the time, it was a selfish decision I made for my health, but, 2 years later I realized that veganism had nothing to do with health (although that is a great benefit) and everything to do with the animals. After watching a powerful documentary called Earthlings in 2016, I went from being “Plant-Based” to an Ethical Vegan Activist.

Veganism is not a diet choice, it’s an ethical framework for how to live.


My Activism Journey Began…

the second I finished watching Earthlings. I remember it like it was yesterday—driving to a Vegan Food Festival in Portland, Oregon, talking to my friends from the back seat about what I had just witnessed. I could not shut up. Here I was, someone who called themselves vegan but was still wearing animal skin, buying products tested on animals, and supporting industries like zoos and horse races. I was so frustrated, angry, sad and confused. What was I doing for the last two years?

From that day on, I took a vow—to educate myself, educate others and start using my voice to speak up for the animals. I didn’t know it then, but, this decision to become an activist would change the course of my life forever.


My introduction to activism started on the streets of Seattle, Washington, handing out leaflets and vegan starter kits to people marching in the Pride Festival Parade. I was hooked. For the first time it felt as if I was making a difference in the world. After that event, I was craving more. It quickly escalated to disruptions with Direct Action Everywhere, vigils with The Save Movement, starting and organizing the first chapter of Anonymous for the Voiceless in Washington, and pretty much any other activism I could get into. I began dedicating all of my free time to activism but still never feeling satisfied with the amount of work I was doing for the animals.


This is when I made one of the biggest decisions of my life—to become a full-time animal rights activist.

I’d love to keep sharing this story but I could honestly write a book about it (maybe I should), so, I am going to let you browse the rest of my site or head on over to my Instagram and Youtube to see first hand what has happened over the last 2 years.

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Tips for New & Transitioning Vegans



Watch the documentary, Dominion. The simplest way to go vegan and live vegan is to understand that veganism is 100% about the animals.

Watching a film like Dominion will not only give you powerful information which will educate you on many industries but, it will help you connect with the animals at a more experiential level—you will be able to see the cruelty and exploitation from the victims’ perspective.

This is what helped me overcome the cravings, social pressure, and conditioning to eat animals, and sent me down the path of self-liberation knowing that I was aligning my actions with the belief that animals are here with us, not for us.

The animals need you NOW! Take a stand for them and live vegan.


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