Feel free to download and use any photos as your own to write social media posts, make signs, and/or spread the message in any way. Each week I will update the archive with more photos.


Northamptonshire Chicken Save Vigil - August 2019

Dairy Farm in Germany - August 2019

Vigil with the Graz Animal Save - Graz, Austria July 2019

Dairy Farm in Czechia - July 2019

Vigil in Prague w/ the Chesky Brod Pig Save - July 2019

Vigil at Kepak Slaughterhouse in Dublin, Ireland - June 17th 2019

Family Day at the Dairy Farm - University of Florida - March 23rd 2019

Vigil at a slaughterhouse outside of Mexico City, Mexico - January 18th 2019

Vigil in Las Vegas, Nevada - December 30th 2019

Sanctuaries in Switzerland - August 2019

Vigil at Forge Slaughterhouse in Kent, England - October 2017

Dairy Farm in Israel - September 2017