Sustainable Activism


Are you someone that tirelessly fights to make this world a better place? Do you witness an incredible amount of pain and suffering by putting yourself on the front lines? Is your activism leaving you feeling exhausted, unmotivated or burnt out? Does negativity consume your headspace?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I would love to have you in one of my Sustainable Activism Workshops as soon as possible.

The best asset we have for making an impact on the world is ourselves, but sadly, most people are not taking the time to protect and defend this asset. In order to achieve the change we want to see, then we must invest in ourselves and make sure to give our mind, body, and soul everything they need. In this training, you will learn proven strategies for how to:

  • Forge a positive mental attitude

  • Develop a self-care routine

  • Create effective activism strategies

  • Build a support network

  • Resolve conflict & strengthen community




Next Level Outreach


Does speaking with people about veganism scare you? Are you looking for ways to communicate more effectively with non-vegans? Do you have trouble finding the right thing to say during an outreach conversation? Would you like to speak with more confidence and conviction?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should definitely come to one of my Next Level Outreach Workshops.

Communication is key, especially when we want to help people make the connection. We have to work hard, smart, and diligently, all whilst remaining pleasant and patient. In this training, you will master 5 strategies for having the most efficient and effective conversations with non-vegans, by learning proven tips and tricks for how to:

  • Build trust & rapport

  • Speak with confidence & conviction

  • Actively listen

  • Correctly handle objections

  • Uncover pain points

  • Provide a clear call to action